Adventure Framework?



Edit: I made a video in my frame work.

Framework PDF

I have been thinking hard on adventure design, narrative structure, story structure and anything else that resembles anything similar to an adventure framework for a long time.

My main goal was to try to understand what makes a story engaging. Then apply that to my adventures. I think that something may have clicked for me and I want to put this concept through the filter that is the “RuneHammer Forum” and see what you guys think.

As I present this idea, it is just an outline that I threw together to help myself think through the important parts of an adventure.

It is a mixture of concepts such as Harmon’s story circle, the 3 act structure, the 5 room dungeon, DEW, LOG, the 3 T’s, and some concepts from the Book “Xtreme Dungeon Mastery.”


Great work creating a tool that helps get you going. I like that a critical part of the adventure process is showing characters at their homeostasis. To me, that goes a long way in making a character feel more believable and the game have more stakes.
Along with dynamic motivators, I like in Act 2 you have a progression that breaks up the game play and complicates the narrative.
Very nice tool, and it sounds like you’ve got wonderful resources to keep sharpening the tools you’ve got. Great work! :smiley:


Looks like a pretty good template to me.

I might try write up some stuff using it and see how it pans out.

Thank you for sharing.

Out of interest do you have something you’ve written up using this method?


Nothing I’ve completed or tested yet. I’m using it for my most recent session though.


Please post your feedback after you session. Good luck and thanks again.