Adding stress/ sanity to ICRPG



Hi everyone,

I’ve just starting this stress system based on Darkest Dungeon game with my players and we are having a blast. I just want to share with you.

The mechanics:

Everytime the character is exposed to a traumatic event and fail Wisdom roll they acquire a stress marquer. Traumatic events examples: receive a crit, an allied has fallen, fighting agains a demon or frigthening creature, entering or presencing a dark ritual… Is up to the DM disposition really. When they have 3 stress markers, they roll a d12 with the following results, 7 of them negative, 5 positive:

1 frightened: when they miss a check they automactly run away

2 paranoid: cannot be helped/assisted

3 shelfish: cant help others

4 irrational: always fail int/wis rolls

5 frustation: every roll is hard (+3 dc)

6 Flagelant: selfinflicts 1 hit point per turn in combat

7 hopeless +1 group stress

8 brave -1 group stress

9 vigorous str/dex/con rolls are easy (-3dc)

11 focus : roll crits on 18-20

12 loyal: every coop action gains ultimate

These traits are removed when they have had a long rest and maintained until then, the players have to roleplay them.

Always happy to know your feedback and opinions.

Sincerely yours.



An interesting approach to sanity. I like it. Bookmarked for future reference. :+1:


Now all we need is a Lovecraftian tale, of Fish and people, and lots of “Fish-People!!!”