About to buy a medium Wacom One tablet, good idea?



Been super inspired to draw lately after buying ICRPG. Love Hank’s style… been using sharpies on paper and would like to try my hand ( as a beginner ) at digital art after watching a bunch of his videos.

I see the Wacom Ones for only like $100 and tons of decent free software apps out there… I was just about to do it when I thought I should ask this community first in case I’m making a terrible mistake.



I recently watched this video by Ethan Becker https://youtu.be/1EtY2aORSew. He have such a great energy.


I have an XP Pen Artists 15.6. It’s amazing. What I always wanted as an artist - the ability to make a mess with colours and not have to worry about cleaning up hehe.
I use Krita; it’s an extremely deep and capable donationware alternative to Photoshop.

Definitely get a tablet for art. Wacom comes highly recommended, and 100 bux sounds like a good deal :slight_smile:

Allow me to counter the previous recommendation of that comedian artist with -
Sinix - https://www.youtube.com/user/sinixdesign
Marco Bucci - https://www.youtube.com/user/marcobucci


Thanks! Great review!


Just subbed to Marco, that character series looks awesome!