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Here’s where players and DMs/GMs can connect to form new parties to sally forth from the SHIELD WALL into the WILD UNKNOWNS beyond!


i am looking for a game to join, am able to game Wen - Sat. 6pm till 11pm . still a NOOB to this system

i tend to learn Faster by playing a game vs reading about how to play a game.

hope this makes sense . i do want to run some games in the future, but i need to learn before i jump head first in to the shallow end


That is awesome! Finaly, a funny way to practice my english. :slight_smile:


Is this the most current location for people looking for a group?

If so, I’m currently in that phase. My previous group is disbanding to pursue school in faraway places, and I’d like to really dig into ICRPG, and runehammer method, as well as work on my own “style”.

I would prefer a face-to-face game, I live in Salem, OR. I have Wednesdays and Sundays open! Lets talk more!


a face to face game would be fun. but i live 80miles east of portland, and winter is coming … lol.

its true that the gorge has a habit if closing for the winter, but come spring who knows… you should look in to the roll20 system for online gaming, just to get you through winter.
it is just as good as face to face table top… easier to find groups for a quick one shot.


You can make a new post in the Looking for Group category, and title it “oregon” or “portland” and that way keep things geographically associated.

This post is just a description for the category itself.