A space ship builder module?



Hello there.

I was wondering if ICRPG had a space ship builder module for its warpshell settings ?

If someone knows if it exists, that person must be around here, right ? Haha

Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:


Do you mean a guide to building space ships?

I would study up on CHUNKS in CORE and ME or the RPG Mainframe, as well as check out this kit for Warp Shells specifically:


Oh thanks, didn’t know that there were maps for warpshells. :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if there was anywhere rules for building space ships like in Coriolis.

If there are not, i might consider writing it myself. :slight_smile:


Definitely check out Hank’s Video on Chunks, if very informative and offers a lot of good insight into the chunk method.


Have you checked out Aethirjammer by Runehammer? That product builds spaceships, and it’s totally compatible with ICRPG.


Oh cool, yeah i’ll check it. Thanks ! :slight_smile: