A Ring Removed!



I thought I’d share this little one shot adventure I created. It’s totally system neutral, but works great for ICRPG (and Tiy Dungeon or Dungeon World). I created it using a couple of awesome (and FUN!) GM tools: Phillip Reed’s “Dungeon Challenge Cards” and Axebane’s “Deck of Many Dungeons”…

I love the open ended ness of it. Fill the rooms as you wish…what does the ring do? What do these Orcs call themselves? What tattoo or banner or piercings denote their band? Who is this merchant? What was this dungeon before the Orcs made it their hideout? Who are the statues of? What is the treasure in the locked room (that the Orcs have not been able to break into)?


Nice adventure, and cool map!


Great map and adventure setup, man! :herocoin: I love the Deck of Many Dungeons, brilliant product. I’ve used it quite a few times for running a completely random dungeon, drawing new cards as they move through. So much fun.
I’m going to ha e to grab the Challenge Deck, that looks neat.


Definitely check out the Outdoor Encounter decks too! There are two of them. Great stuff. And…a great product for Warpshell (or any sci-fi) is the Dungeon Discovery - SciFi (by LoreSmyth) on Kickstarter…like 4 days left.


I love your map and your style, and that’s a cool little one-page adventure!


Hey, thanks, Alex! I appreciate that. It was fun to put together. I’ll be sharing more soon (maps, monsters, contraptions, inns, etc)…


With deepest respect sir, I will steal this for my game :wink:

Very cool dungeon


Awesome! Would love to hear how it went. Share some of the adventure if you get a chance!


Look forward to this. That map is awesome!! One page adventures are the best!