A quick start character generator for Battletech


Adapted from Shadymutha’s convention sheet but for Battletech.


Nice! If you’d like the InDesign file of mine I’m happy to send it to you.


oh heck yeah, cant wait to see the Mech Breakdowns. with Battletech and the modular Weapon pods system. the chunks could be very fun.

maybe a standard frame for each size.
Lite: Far/ 3 Weapons/ 3 Armor
Medium: Near/ 4 Weapon/ 4 Armor
Heavy: Close/ 6 Weapon/ 6 Armor

Split them through the frame/max 3 units per spot
Right Arm:
Left Arm:
Right Leg:
Left Leg:if the attack doesnt hit the room target, they start to gain heat???

these were just some thoughts i had.


Thank you but I don’t have InDesign. I need to sit down and figure out what the next step for page design for me is though. Currently use Publisher as it comes along with the Office suite. Not sure that will cut it if I want to do stuff on this level.