A potential project?



Did you guys know that itch.io sells great TRPG content? I didn’t until… a lil’ while ago! There’s even stuff from Questing Beast!

Well, anyway, I found this while browsing and I’ll be trying it soon: now I’m wondering how the community or Runehammer would go about making something like this? :thinking:


Questing Beast has some cool stuff. I love his vids on zines. Also, his articles section on his website where he links to notable blog posts made fascinating reading! It really got me thinking about OSR.


My own work is on itch.io, and there’s a solo rpg community there. But beware, it’s a fun place that can turn to a hours devourer, eating each second of your spare time, always with new stuff, and sometimes for free!


Oh, I’ll go check your work as well then! Can you link me up please? :smiley:


My first and for now only real hack with a beginning and an end:

And I also compile some alternative rules and tricks to mix ICRPG and Fate

And the third will be about pastry ^^



Normally such things are not a concern. In this crowd, I’m concerned. :worried:


Why are you concerned? If it’s about the concept, I can assure you, no harm was done to any pastry. Yet.


Itch.io is probably one of the greatest resources for indi gaming. Regardless of type of gaming.

Keeping up with it is often impossible, and it is focused on indi electronic games.

With the news and stuff, it is sooo easy to forget we are living in a gilded era…it probably won’t last, but for the time being there is more of anything people are interested in, and it is extremely affordable. As long as you are not specific about it, or needing building material…then again cement prices haven’t changed much.