A Pokemon Wargame


Just had a weird thought, and figured I’d throw it out there. Has anyone ever designed a pokemon wargame? Like you get all your sweet little pokemon’s in battle lines and its trainer against training in all out war? Got inspired by my buddies collection or tiny pokemon toys. Might be a cool game if you can make it simple enough for conventions.


No sir. But I think it’s awesome that you are considering doing so. If you make it happen, I hope you circle back and let us know how it went!


I did entertain the idea of a Pokémon RTS à la Impossible Creatures… would have been cool. But now I don’t play video games. I play board games! And a Pokémon Wargame would be utterly amazing!
Say, @Runehammer if you work on another concept, something in the style of Pokémon would be kinda cool! Just shooting ideas off of the top of my head!! :smiley: