A new drunkens and dragons


I teach English to high school seniors down in Honduras. Last week, we were waiting to leave for a field trip, and several of the young men jokingly asked if they could take the Solo cup from my desk for a…game. I, of course, declined.

Then, knowing that I run the RPG club at school, they started joking about there needing to be an RPG drinking game. They were bouncing ideas around for what to call it, so I obviously chimed in, “Why not name it Drunkens & Dragons?”

They lit up with joy, and it was off to the races for their creativity. My whiteboard quickly became a brainstorming session of ideas for their new game. (As you can see in the picture.) Luckily, no administrators came into my room, haha.


Whoa! What city/school? I grew up in Honduras


Just outside of Teguc. Academia los Pinares.


Small world … that’s where I went to school, through 9th grade. Then moved to San Pedro


Small world, indeed.


If English class in Argentina had been like this, I would have been much more entertained.