A Journal of a thousand miles


Seriously loving this Journal (available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/brandish-gilhelm/the-icrpg-journal/paperback/product-24184485.html). Getting all into the scribbling, which I’ll show more of down the road, but to start the book there are steps that need taking. Now it’s no secret I don’t have what you would call art skills, but damnit I did art anyway. Hehe.

ICRPG Journal. Time to get it started!

Gaaah dude it looks amazing!!!


Can’t draw?!!! WHAT! Shelf that talk. That picture of you is epic!

Like how you pasted pages in; never thought of that.


No pasting, that’s all the glory of the Journal borders. Hehe :grin:


That’s Runehammers latest book! The Journal!


Ha! no art skills?!?!? looking good man. i love that you have your new character for Jason’s campaign in there! i have played a Dwarf Monk with the last name Hammerfist as a reoccurring character, perhaps they are distant multidimensional cousins lol. those types of characters are so much fun to roleplay as the big burly bruiser, with a heart o gold. i cant wait to see what kind of shenanigans you all get up to in the sessions to come!


that boat tshirt tho


:grin: That’s hilarious, I didn’t notice that shirt.