A Geno, Kitt, Xill and Reptoid walk into a bar



I had to have a go at making minis for my party (first time doing anything with paints). The Reptoid was taken straight from Starfinder for an easy win, and our Geno is living our a Mando-like fantasy, so that was an easy switch. Xill and Kitt are harder to find, so I chopped off Yoda’s head and green stuff’d an attempt, it came out a bit more wookie than I’d hoped but it was great to get the blade monk feel. The Xill was a total green stuff project with armatures and everything. While it’s the least polished it’s the one I’m most proud of.

What do your heroes look like? Any other existing minis I’ve missed for Warp shell races?


Nice work! You put a lot of Effort here.
My goto website for creating Player Minis is Heroforge dot com.
But you will need to print them yourself because otherwise its very expensive


That is so cool! I love what you did for setting up your party, they look great! Some day I would like to be able to play games in person with minis like this. Keep up the good work!