A Few Harmless Kobolds



Hello again Lumps,

I’m at it again, this time with a set of kobolds! I was inspired to do this set because I am in a 5e group that is currently going through the Tyranny of Dragons adventure. Needless to say, a lot of kobolds have met their end! Anyways, here is a nod to these annoying creatures.

I have been a machine lately with probably close to a dozen sets at least inked if not in the early stages of the digital process. I’m setting myself up to keep this going long term. Now I need to start looking into the marketing aspect of doing this work, I have some work ahead of me on that front.

Have a good one folks and happy gaming as always!


Well done. I love kobolds’ ability to combine danger with comic relief. They are the underdogs of the Underdark. Yours have a great mix of “creepy” and “goofy,” and these will be a welcome addition to your growing catalog of assets.


Hey thanks! I agree, they can definitely add some humor but also in numbers can be a force. Kobolds seem to be a backbone sort of race, I think that’s why I like them.

Nice shot of your miniatures by the way!


Totally agree. Never count kobolds out. My favorite is when one or two escape a slaughter and the return in numbers later on in the adventure when the party is at its weakest and in dire straits…