9 story cubes, 9 story slots... It can't be a coincidence!


I got to looking at the “Story Architecture” page in ICRPG core and realized that it consisted of 9 story slots. Then I remembered that there are 9 dice in a set of story cubes.

Behold the ICRPG Story Cube Instant Adventure Template!!!


Story Cubes are awesome tools for story generation.

@Quirkville posted a cool thread and detailed creating an adventure from the cubes he rolled.


OF COURSE it gets worse is a frog. I knew it!!


It’s one of those frogs that has psychedelic ooze. (Sonoran toad, by the way)


The Princess was taken into a pocket dimensional dungeon disguised as a luggage trunk by what appears to be an infant. You must overcome poison arrow traps and being eaten alive to reach the princess. Once the heros reach the inner depths of the dimension you discover the infant is really a mutated froggling which was created by the dark wizard, Zarphos to do his will. The wizard needs, not the princess herself. but the Princesses powerful healing magic to save his twin brother who is only kept alive by the arcane stasis chamber. It will drain the princess of every ounce of her life for Zarphos to bring his brother back.

What will happen to our heroes and the princess? how will it all end?


Turns out he is a lizard, but he always wanted to be a frog.


It’s Kismet! I have the story cubes app on my phone. I have to try it!!