"666" Tables?


We had (at least) nine “666”'s in our last session. I had a few options figured out ahead of time but really needed to wing it after the third or fourth beastly encounter. On the fly, I used a d100 percentile to determine if the result of the “666” would hurt or help the heroes. It started at 50/50 but tipped in favor of hurting with each subsequent roll.

Anyhow, has anyone put together fun tables for quick reference when a “666” is rolled in a specific location (e.g., Hell, Warlands, Rings, etc.)? Would this be useful to folks? I kind of envision something like the encounter tables that Hank has in the book, but for “666”'s.


Looking for some feedback here folks. I’ve got a ‘666’ table crafted for this weekend’s one-shot. Any advice, thoughts, additions, etc. are more than welcome!