5e/Pathfinder Class Resources



Does anyone know where I can find resources for the standard D&D 5e and/or Pathfinder classes for ICRPG? Have a new-ish group of players that started out playing Pathfinder and I’d like to transition them into ICRPG.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Actually this sounds like a worthy project to undertake. I would love to collab on a google doc with some people and figure this out.

There are existing loose equivalents to fighters, barbarians, wizards, rogues, clerics, and maybe paladin, and the shaoyun (sp?) supplement covers monks. Are these existing equivalents good enough or do you think you need options closer to the original classes?


If they aren’t good enough, ask the players what is their favorite thing about their class RIGHT NOW! Making classes for ICRPG is really easy when you have a seed to start. Make a starting piece of loot that embodies what they love about their character, then make 5 or so items that follow a similar vein of thought. BOOM, ONE NEW CLASS!
You don’t really need those last 5 if you pick up ICRPG Worlds. It has Milestone Paths for archetypes, and a general table of how to purchase things with Coin. Easy peasy.


If I’m not mistaken, @Ezzerharden had some of them? Or am I thinking of someone else? I remember seeing quite a few of them put together back on G+


This is what I could recover from the Google Plus archives:


  • Ability Scores are obvious … just use your ability bonus at it exists without magic or feat bonuses obviously.
  • Weapons and Magic Damage should be a no brainer…just convert to Effort as is.
  • Tags for Weapons … may need to convert each weapon with specific tags from ICRPG Core. Work with your GM and players to come up with tags that don’t already exist and use the weapon tags from the Core book to make it work.
  • Armor should translate … need to do a detailed comparison of ICRPG armor and D&D armor. At least for the AC bonus and any special mentions… Leather = +1, Chain, +3, Plate +5, etc, etc, etc…
  • Equipment should be pared down to maximum 10 stored, and 10 equipped.
  • Basic Effort bonus = average of highest and lowest skill bonus (round down). Or maybe just use your proficiency bonus. (Avg prof bonus of +2 for every 4 levels, I think!)
  • Hearts = current HP divided by 10; round to nearest whole…I.E. 11 is 1 Heart, 36 is 4 Hearts. Anything higher than 5 hearts will need GM approval (maybe due to a high level campaign).
  • Level … there is no levels in ICRPG!
  • Spells should be obv… Wiz spells are INT Powers, Cleric spells are WIS Powers… Details can easily be translated, like range and targets… See range below…
  • Range is D&D is 5ft per square so Ranges need to be…
    • Close = 10 ft or less (2 squares/inches)
    • Near = 10-30 ft. (about a Banana length, ~6 squares/inches),
    • Far = anything greater than 30 ft (>6 squares/inches)
  • Magic items should be simplified in stat and have only one power per item. There are some in D&D that have many powers and uses… simplify the item down to its core… only use with GM permission.
  • Races will need to be translated into individual Bio-Forms using existing ICRPG Core Rules.
  • Classes will need the same treatment as Race, but you could use the existing ICRPG classes as a base. Choose loot x3 from basic loot tables or make your own table…Choose weapons x3, and one signature loot from the loot tables (roll 1 or choose 1)
  • Monsters… uuuuhhhmmmmm… yeah… maybe later…
  • Loot tables can stay as is… or should there be loot tables unique to each World?.. You can also use the various random magic item and treasure tables found over all editions of D&D and more!
  • Coins … every 5 GP worth of gems or coins (after conversion) is worth 1 coin in ICRPG, about 1 weeks worth of labor/pay.


I’ve started on a conversion of the 5E classes here, trying to capture each class as best as I can. Let me know what you think, you can leave comments and suggestions for milestones.


This is awesome! I’ll probably combine this with what I already came up with. Thanks for sharing!