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So not sure this is the place. But I didn’t know where to go. Delete if not allowed.

I just finally purchased 5e hardcore. And I love it. But I had a question about spells.

At level 3 say, they learn 3 new spells of that level.

When they prepare spells for the day. Say fireball as one. Can they cast that as many times as they want? Or just once for it being prepared?

Just a little confused.


I am shooting from the hip here. From what I remember they can cast as many awesome spells as they want. They just have to Roll to Cast, with the Risk of a Crit fail and a horrible magical backlash.
Slap me if I’m wrong!


Ok. That’s what I was getting from it too. But wasn’t sure if I was reading it right.


This is the right place :slight_smile:

I read it to be ‘once per memorization.’ A wizard can choose to memorize a spell more than once but once successfully cast, the memorized spell (whatever it is) cannot be cast again. So if they memorize fireball twice, they have two uses of the spell. The exception to this is if they roll a NAT 20 – on a crit the spell memorization is not lost.

Only cantrips are unlimited.


Ok. I was coming back to ask about wha does” spells use limit” mean.

So if you wanna cast firebal 3 times. Prepare it 3 times.

Gotcha. Makes sense. Real old school feel there.



Here’s how I interpret it. The only passage which seems to address this question directly is: “frequency limits on spells still apply, and are only expended when successfully cast” (page 11, paragraph 3). So when running it, I figure the new school frequency limits observed in 5e still apply.

When I’m running hardcore mode, casters in my game need only memorize a spell once to be able to use their spell slots to cast it. So if you memorize fireball, you may cast fireball so long as you have level 3 spell slots remaining. But that’s just the way I run it.

I can definitely see interpreting it the other way, depending on your preferences, but I save old school spell slot memorization for when I’m running other systems (due to player preferences). Of course, regardless of what is explicitly stated or implied in the 5e Hardcore Hack, I’d say run it the way that sounds best for you :slight_smile:


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So they have 3 sits for each level and they can cast whatever they prepare all slots if wanted?

That’s not a bad idea either.


I wanyed to jump onto this abd Add another question related to magic and bleeding out.

If a player cast spare the dying. How does that effect the bleeding out roll? Since there is no 0hp and stable?



I’ll admit, in my games I just cross spare the dying off the spell list. So I guess that’s one way you could handle it :slight_smile: I look forward to hearing how others interpret it.


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Not a terrible idea. Lol

We played our first session last night. Lots of questions. They enjoyed gritty ness. But not sure they like the idea of spells and leveling. So may have to figure out something that works.