5 Room Dungeon Idea for a Community Project. Anyone interested?



So @Looten and @BlazingPolyhedron got me thinking about another Community project and I want to test the waters for interest.

What I’m thinking is coordinating interested community members to form teams of 1-5 people and work on a 5 Room Dungeon per team. Every team would also receive the same prompt but after that, it would be open for interpretation.

For last year’s Beyond the Gate & Key Community Adventure we assigned each participant one of the stages in the Story Architecture found in CORE. It was an awesome collaboration and we ended up with a really cool, unique adventure as we all put our ideas together.

In this project, each member of a team would be assigned one or more of the 5 Rooms as described in Johnn Four’s Ultimate Guide to 5 Room Dungeons and was discussed in the Room Design: A 5 Room Dungeon on the Runehammer YouTube channel.

We would then share our 5 Room Dungeons on a specified date and everyone would be able to see what everyone created.

Does this sound like fun for anyone? I love community projects and am happy to jump in on them as they pop up because I have had nothing but good experiences whenever I get to work and associate with you lumpy heads!


I’d love to jump back in for sure!


Yes, sir! I wanna be on your team! :smiley:
Count me in!


sign me UP baybeee! Projects like this always excite me.


I am super down to participate! The last community adventure was a blast to work on and I have diligently practiced my story telling and art skills since then. I would be happy to make more art assets and take on a room with any of you fine lumpy heads any time!


I would be interested as well and this just might be the kick in the armor I need to start writing again.


Oh man, only 5 rooms?! I’d love to jump in on that if I could. :smiley:


Excellent, then, I am opening up four slots for people to join my 5-room-dungeon-builder party!

  1. Open slot (Entrance)
  2. Open slot (Puzzle)
  3. @KaneDriscol (Setback)
  4. Open slot (Reward)

I will personally handle the boss fight… 'cause I like to make combat. That’s it. XD

5 Room Dungeon Community Project/Challenge

Do you have a theme in mind?


@TheWunderLich I was thinking either:

  1. Abandoned Dwarven Mine
  2. Hallucinogenic Swamp
  3. Underwater Ice Tunnels.

Any preference? It’s sounding like we’ve got a good amount of interest, so I’m probably going to post an official thread with the project tonight.


Depending on the setting I’d probably do best with the entrance or set back


I think we have enough interest we could do 2 or 3 and link them. It would make a short adventure instead of a one-show dungeon, but that’s okay, because they’re intended to be separated.

For my vote, I think the swamp leading to the mine would make sense and be fun to write, but that’s just me. I’m happy to do any room for anyone.


Swamp to mine which opens to recently discovered ice cavern? (Just to cover all the bases). To throw a possible hook; The mine is nestled in a swamp which acts as natural protection against would be intruders so it’s dangers have largely been left alone to aid in this. The dwarven miners have recently cracked into an ice cavern which is a big red flag since they know how hot things normally are the deeper they get and have sent out for adventurers to look into it for them.

In addition some say that hell isn’t fire, but ice since it is so far away from gods light.


Check out the project post here:

Also, @BlazingPolyhedron I’d love to jump in on your team (I might end up on a couple haha). I’d also like to do either the entrance or the setback like @Looten. Whichever one he doesn’t want, I’ll work on :smiley:


Alright, then, you and me we’ll be on this! Let’s discuss the theme in PMs! :grin:


Hey! Can I join too? I’d be down to do the puzzle/roleplaying challenge room :blush:


Ooh! Now there is an idea. When all the 5 Room Dungeons are complete could you imagine running through all of them like a gauntlet? That would be intense!

Also is there anyone still looking for people to collaborate with? I’d be happy to try and coordinate some teams.


I’d love to get on a team :slight_smile:


Awesome! I saw that you reached out to @BlazingPolyhedron and we’re just waiting for his response.

Would you, @SunderedWorldDM, @mysterrick, or @Chaologic like to form a team? I’d be happy to work with you as well.


Aye that sounds great! I’ll wait to hear back from Blazing too.