3x5 ALL the Things?


So in my mission to start actually playing some ICRPG this year, I’m going to try introducing some friends to the system soon. I’ve had really good feedback on using 3x5 character sheets and item cards, and I’d like to take that a step further by making 3x5 cards containing the most basic rules, character creation steps, and info on each Bioform and Type. Depending on how they turned out, I was considering sharing them with the Shield Wall too.

I’m hesitant, because I know this would be directly dealing with Hankerin’s published material. The LAST thing in the world I wanna do is step on Hankerin’s toes, especially after he was so generous in releasing the card volumes for free. So before I even go as far as breaking out the sharpies, I was hoping to get some advice from others on how to proceed, or if I should proceed at all. Thanks much for any wisdom you can offer!

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Feel free to make these for your personal use, and show us how one or two turned out. That being said, you can’t post the whole set to the internet and give away Hank’s work for free, as you point out.


I figured that’d be roughly the case. I didn’t even want to make these for my own use unless I got the go-ahead from either you or the man himself.

If I do end up sharing any of these to the forum, it’ll be ones that consist of strictly original content, like custom types or bioforms. Thanks again for the guidance!