3D printed & painted Settlers of Catan



Dear Shield Wall,

Here’s the board game “Settles of Catan” with 6 players expansion that I printed at home as a 3D printing and painting exercise.

Hex tiles have small sphere magnets underneath so they can stick to each other. Some tiles I had to paint 5 times to get the paint stick. All tiles have been coated with various varnishes: Water tiles with glossy varnish, port pieces and trophies with matte, and the rest with semi-glossy.

Player pieces are not painted; I printed them with different colored filaments.

Take a look at https://www.thingiverse.com/KhanofSky/collections/board-games if you want to print these too. But beware: It will take ages to finish!


What primer are you using? Painting directly on PLA is hard. Painting directly on PETG. Forget about it.


Looks killer man. I love that game, and I think you have the ultimate set.


Wow! Really awesome work here! Lots of cool little details.


I did not use any primer at all. That’s why I had to paint some tiles over and over again. Using multi surface paints helps (paints that stick to plastic, glass, metal etc better) but even then you may have to paint multiple coats to cover all areas.

Next time I’ll try using a primer - that should help a lot and I may buy an airbrush. Painting all those things by hand takes a lot of time.

Also different colored filaments react to paint differently even if they are all PLA. Black doesn’t really want to be painted for example where grey and orange don’t have that much issue. This obviously depends on the brand of filament as well.


Thanks man!

We have our Settlers game since 1996 I believe. It is one of our most played game. Now I have a copy too. :sweat_smile:

I will add seafarers specific tiles and ships eventually. Then maybe Cities & Knights…


starfarers of Catan is actually my favorite in the series…I think the best game design, but different flavor.


This is fantastic! You should post this over on BGG, I bet they would love it!