3D-printed alternative timer dice D4



My brother-in-law printed these alternative D4s for me. The four sides are in numerical order, so a timer can be conveniently decremented by turning the die by 90 degrees. Due to being printed, the dice have some imperfections that show up in the picture. It’s much less noticeable in real life, though.



Lovely – I’m having visions of these in a TARDIS blue


These are really nice! Honestly Timers has changed every game I play. Makes playing RPGs so enjoyable and was so impactful I caught my kids using timer dice while they were playing with their toy dinosaurs.


I was a bit skeptical when I first read about the timer dice concept because I don’t really aim for a constant sense of urgency in all games. However, I find that timer dice are mechanically brilliant. They solve multiple TTRPG problems at once. Most importantly, they prevent the “point-and-click adventure playing style” where the players just randomly try to apply any attribute or skill that their characters have until something sticks. They also solve the “what to do with/against repeated checks” problem.