3 Word Dungeon Video?



Does anyone remember the Runehammer video where a 3 word dungeon is created?
I can’t seem to find it but I have it written down somewhere… somewhere!

Basically you take 3 words and build a dungeon/encounter from it.
Example 3 words;
Mysterious, Cave, Fire!


I’m curious, now. I’d like to watch it as well~


Wasn’t that a mainframe episode? Maybe that’s why you can’t find the video. Could be wrong though.


What is a mainframe episode?


The runehammer podcast that you can access by being a patreon support for $1 or more.

But being that you’ve never heard of it perhaps that’s not where this information was conveyed.

That said it’s many many hours of solid runehammer thinking, so I recommend checking it out.


Yes it was a video. But I still can’t seem to find it. Maybe it was deleted… not sure


Lost, Runehammer, video


I wonder if you are referring to the Mainframe on Essentialism, mindful Differentiation, or Qualia and Narrative.


Sounds like something you might do with the Think Deck? Draw 3 cards maybe?


Maybe this one?

Dungeon Building: 101 Return to Westburg


I did watch that but I don’t think that was it. I remember the word SAVAGE though. I could be wrong.


After seeing the THINK DECK that IS a good idea.


I will look those up and have a listen! :grinning: