2e vs Master Edition



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I can’t figure out what is the difference between ICRPG 2e and ICRPG Master Edition. Is one newer/better than the other? are they compatible? is one more popular or more supported.

Both are available on DriveThru and I just need to know which is the one to dive into. or does it matter?


Master is sort of a one stop shop and has the most up to date edits so I’d say if you’re jumping in it’s the best bang for your buck. 2nd is absolutely usable too it just has less stuff in it.


Master Edition is essentially compatible with the Core 2E rules, as it alludes in the book (e.g., p. 37). Some salient changes/updates in ME include:

  • BUILD: The system for allocating points during character creation has been revamped, generally resulting in slightly more powerful starting PCs.
  • EFFORT: The EFFORT categories have been reworked; magic is more powerful, and guns are now distinct from other weapons.
  • DEFENSE: The DEFENSE (“armor class”) stat now includes your CON bonus. You no longer allocate build points directly to this stat.
  • MILESTONES: ME has all the character milestone pathways from ICRPG Worlds included for leveling up, and it lists additional suggested milestones for each new character type.
  • MASTERY: One really cool addition in Master Edition is a leavening-up feature known as Mastery Rewards, a trio of abilities player characters acquire with essential random pacing the more they adventure.
  • TYPES: The character “classes” have changed in both Alfheim and Warp Shell settings. In Alfheim, most of the martial classes are now essentially subsumed under Warrior, and Hunter and Bard types have been introduced. Most of the original character types from Core 2.0 are still viable; I think only Guardian has been rendered obsolete, as that class’ stating ability is now common to all characters with the revision of DEFENSE/ARMOR.
  • BIO-FORMS: There are new bio-forms for both Alfheim and Warp Shell, and while many are no longer listed in ME, it states expressly that the ones listed in Core 2.0 are still valid. Some of the lifeform bonuses have changed.
  • SETTINGS: The big narrative change in Alfheim is an elf invasion that has completely turned everything on its ear. ‘Nuff said…
  • SPELLS & MAGIC: There are new spell lists for both WIS and INT magic. The spell system from ICRPG Magic has been revamped, condensed, and included in Master Edition for your consideration.
  • LOOT: Starting loot rules and options differ from Core 2.0.

That’s most of the significant difference. Hope that helps.

You should totally grab Master Edition if you haven’t already. It’s basically three books in one, combined and updated to the latest ICRPG tabletop standard.

But really, you should grab BOTH. Core 2.0 contains the earlier classes and bio-forms that are still relevant, and it offers more detailed and complete mechanics and flavor on many of the creatures in the Monster section, which was condensed about 50% (while still keeping all the entries!) for Master Edition. (If you get your hands on a copy of ICRPG Worlds, you’ll also have a very full and complete description of the kingdoms of Alfheim before “the turn” for a broader historical context on the setting.)


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2e is totally compatible with the newer edition. The main differences are that Master Edition is more of an opus, it compiles Core 2e, Worlds, Magic, Vigilante City, and Blood and Snow. Plus it has an updated presentation of the rules from years of play.
Both are great books.


You could get both. There are a small number of things referenced in ME that are only in the 2e book.


Get the Master Edition. It’s 2e+.


2e didn’t have character abilities/milestones (except for WIS spells and Hearts). Pretty much all character power came from destroyable loot. This can be good or bad depending on perspective. One the one hand, it very easily addresses DnD’s scalability and progression issues. Player power and competence no longer grows, it just ebbs and flows. On the other, players don’t get as much sense that their character is growing (especially when a type defining item gets stolen or busted).

ME adds a lot of abilities and milestone powers on top of the loot. I think it adds a just bit too much since players still have the same number of inventory slots and the number was already pretty high in 2e (and loot can further expand these slots).

There are also a lot of other changes including different bioforms, loot and what not.

Personally, I feel it’s best to buy both. See what you like from each and mix them together to make the experience you want.


I was thinking about getting Master Edition. I own 2E Core & the Worlds book.
A Quick look on Modiphius shows out of stock so I guess I have my answer on that.
Use the books I have :slight_smile:
Did you guys end up using a lot from Master Edition?


ME is the one book I ALWAYS have nearby, whatever game I’m currently running. I use something from it in all of my games. So yes, I would suggest picking it up.