2D Black and white terrain



Started experimenting with 2D black and white terrain. My idea is to create a portable terrain set that is very basic so it still lets you use your imagination. I love Hanks “Sharpie art” in the ICRPG books so I took alot of his drawings are templates…


I love this. I always prefer having something on the table but like it to be pretty vague. We use 1x1 colored Legos for our characters haha. This helps keep the imagination high without getting too focused on the gritty details of the “board”


This looks so good, I love how clean and versatile it is! I’m assuming the map is a laminated A4 sheet?


Yeah I prefer vague maps, the detailed maps look very nice but find you stop imagining where you are because you can see it.
Oh I like the idea of lego blocks for minis! You gave me an idea…First thing that comes to my mind is stacking two or three 2x2 Lego blocks to make a character, very Minecraft looking (which my kids will love) you could even draw faces on them :laughing: watch this space!!


Yeah I laminated everything because I’m a bit obsessed with my laminator :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have made some half sheets so putting two together makes a bigger (A3) room


A thought came to mind that instead of laminating the map sheet use a three ring notebook sleeve. I have seen that done before and it seems like a great way to transport the maps if you need to travel.


I love what you have done, even though my table looks like this:joy: Excellent execution of an elegant concept. Well done.


If I had the time and space I would love to do that. It looks amazing!


I like this, i 've seen that my players tend to be distracted if the table is too rich and detailed, in tribunals they said me the episodes that they have preferred and those was when thw maps where minimalistic or nearly absent.


this is not caused by lack of minis, i am a wargamer and i had tons of pictured minis from ancients to futuristic and also fantasy, but for my taste a minimalistic approach tend to help players to use their minds and empowers imagination.


I really like this idea and I am thinking on this for any future games I may run in person. I have been full VTT for years and the minimalist approach seems also to be easier to produce if starting from scratch. I like the idea of very generic map pages that can be used for a whole bunch of different scenarios.


Add my voice to the chorus of praise. Frankly, one of the things that really attracted me to ICRPG in the first place is the level of abstraction. I can certainly appreciate realistic terrain, but I have no personal interest in creating or investing in it. Poker cards, yes. Dioramas, no.


@MythBlade really nice 2D implementation! Thanks for sharing, though my OCD screams at me that all the doors should be either facing the center of facing out - LOL. I just spent a wad of money on all things ICRPG from DriveThru and wanting to get some friends and family involved. Think I will try something similar, attempting an UDT look while taking some index cards and doing corners, stairs, chests, etc. etc. as needed. Maybe some wooden peg people for PC & Monsters? Thanks again for sharing!


I absolutely love this idea. I, too, love the simplicity of Hank’s Sharpie aesthetic, and I’m now wondering if I could combine it with ultimate dungeon terrain and combat zones from the DungeonCraft YouTube channel.


Haha I actually sat spinning the door around for a while and couldn’t decide which way they should go :+1:


That’s partly where my idea came from, it was just easy to print a full A4 but a round version might look good, I may need a bigger laminator tho :+1:


This is aweome. I’m planning a VTT and will definitely use something like this for my adventure. I’m really a maximalist in person, but for a digital game, I can’t imagine anything better. Great job