1D10 Roll table: Fantasy Adventure Hooks



Made by you, the shield wall (via discord), then organized by me


You sit at the tavern having just finished dinner, suddenly a villager bursts in and announces…

  1. “Please help me! My child has been changed into a beast!”

  2. “The bloodsuckers are back!”

  3. and says, “They’re going to burn him! He’s not guilty of what they say! Please stop this madness!”

  4. “My whole farm, barn, animals, garden, everything has, has… disappeared!”

  5. that the South end of the village has fallen into a massive sink hole with an ominous purple portal at the bottom!

  6. FIRE!!!

  7. “Half the town is sinking!”Villagers look at you all and yell“You’ve brought a curse upon us!”

  8. "I was traveling down a road and came across a tree. I heard a noise coming from the tree that almost sounded like…someone groaning in pain? I looked closer at the tree and saw something resembling a human face. It said, “Help me…”

  9. “You monster! What have you done with my family!?!” [He’s pointing at you]

  10. “are you X” delivers subpoena

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