14 Card Quickstart One Shot!


ICRPG is so easy to run that I used to just grab paper and pen to show my friends and family how to play, but even that could take too long for the limited time we had (drawing stat boxes, making up loot, etc.). I once had a carrying case for my index cards but then I had to remember to always have it in my car. So then I decided that I wanted something that could just stay in my car and fit in my pocket, which I always have poker cards handy.

Fast forward to right now, I made 14 simple poker-sized cards only using the free quickstart for material. These cards even fit into the poker box with the whole deck usually. As long as you know the ICRPG rules already, this should be enough content to run a little goblin dungeon game!

  • 4 monster cards (can be statted on the go)
  • 6 character sheets
  • Loot/Magic/Milestone tables
  • Card Backs

*Some of the descriptions have been summarized to fit on cards so use your own judgment if unsure.
*Yes, I do have Hank’s permission. All content is pulled from the Free Quickstart file.



Nice! Thanks for sharing.


yeah that is an interesting intro set. thanks for sharing your idea.


Wow, nice take on the tiny character sheets! I was amazed that it even has the starter loot there, and the class art in the middle really stands out. :grinning:

What program did you use to make it, @Kindred?


Thanks dude! I used Photoshop and just had to do some cropping and resizing lol. It’s a little smaller than I’d like but not much choice for poker size!


Very clever… well done! Appreciate you sharing this; will defiantly take advantage of these!