100 Map Challenge (12/100) - My Hope to Get Better



Hey everyone! In an attempt to get better at digital art I have started a personal challenge.

I will draw 100 room maps. No deadline, just whenever I have spare time I am going to try and draw a room.

This stems from the 100 something challenge where people pick something, a subject, a tagline, etc. to try and help practice a skill (more specifically art) by helping define some parameters to avoid blank page syndrome.

Anyways I could easily be explaining this incorrectly, here are a few I’ve done so far. I intend to update this when I have something new to share.


“Looping Rooms”


Love your idea and plan! I have been thinking about practicing my artwork too and this is a great idea for improvement. Keep it up!


Keep up the good work! If you need suggestions, poke me? :smiley:


Here are three more maps I’ve whipped up.

I’m really happy how this one turned out. I was trying to play with different border hashing/filler.

‘Royal Meeting’ This one I experimented with PS’s straight-line tool. Admittedly the chairs don’t quite match everything else. But it was still fun to make a room that was intended to allow 0 combat.

‘Secret Passages’ I was feeling rather dismayed from trying more rigid rooms, and not being super happy with them. So I went back to a more natural feel, and back to including hidden elements.

Thanks for the kind words of motivation Shield Wall!


Those look great! Keep up the good work, those of us that can not draw appreciate it :wink:


Got some rooms to share!

I really like the way ledge in the middle turned out. I feel like I added the right amount of detail. :smiley:

“Secret Hovels”
Idea is that there are secret rooms, some that have been discovered.
Played around with actual isometric maps. It was fun!

“4 Ways to Hell”
Continuing the iso trend… And the chasm trend…

@BlazingPolyhedron gemme some features! Please. Ie chasm, center stones, mazes? New styles could be fun to if you can think of any.

It’s weird how one can think of ‘endless’ ideas until you try to put numbers on them…


Not feeling quite as motivated this week as the last two I only got around to making one room map.

A sunken/unearthed dig site room with a magical door!

And because I really enjoy the ominous cave entrance theme I made a slight variation, though I wouldn’t really count as it a whole separate map. Just a bonus one!


Awesome idea, and I like seeing all the progress pics! Keep 'em coming; you’ve got accountability partners now. :smiley:


Two more this past week-ish.

I’ve gotten addicted to Empyrion - Galactic Survival lately and seeing Hank’s full color update of the Dead Zone assets I might try my hand on some sci-fi maps.

Here is…

Light Show
I struggled a lot with this one, it kept looking plain and lack luster so I just kept adding more. Still not sold on the way I filled in the pillers at the edge of the orbs. Not sure it clearly states “I’m line of sight blocking”.

Any suggestions on other textures for a pillar? Just all black?

Deteriorating Falls

Not sure I’m happy with the water. I would love some suggestions or examples of inked water.
I didn’t feel like all the ground decoration added anything so I turned off that layer. Do you think it needs more or good as is?


Duuuuude! These are all badass! Thank you for taking us all on this journey, man. You’ve got me hooked for sure. Fantastic work! :heart: :herocoin:


Really love the Deteriorating Falls! Maybe a map with various heights for the heroes to jump around? I’m feeling you could come up with a lot of map ideas to try verticality! Like, what if your players decided to go down that crevice?

In the same vein, what about a layered map? From the top of the tower to the secret basement? Maybe give that tower a weird shape to justify placing some rooms right or left and around the top? Or allow the GM to randomize the rooms, perhaps? :thinking:

Aside from that, what about a multi-part map that is the same area but at different epochs? From golden walls and roads to covered in nature to flooded to frozen? With that one, you could test various opening zones like the main frame at the earliest era to dropping in from above when it has been absorbed downward into the ice? As well as various cover positions through time.

What about a map that is affected by the way that you tilt it? You could play around with giving the walls various grips or dangers, perhaps even making it just a bit of a labyrinth?

I know those aren’t rooms, exactly. So, now, I will move on to them: what about a map with a circle of standing stones in different variations: a Z, an X, an O. And depending on your mood, they could all be connected to the same hint of magic. As well as various conditions: some of them are buried in a lake, the other formation is at the top of the hill, allowing the GM to make a defensive encounter where the players have to activate the stones will defending?

I think a testing area for robots or weapons with an elevated platform for the scientists could be a really cool, tactical place to be. Plus, you’ve got weapon racks lining up the walls for your players to hack and test! :smiling_imp:

You could also try multiple configurations of roads, rail roads and highways to see how you could contain, trick, trap and propose rewards to your players (you know, so they don’t leave at the first sign of trouble? XD)